Silo Cleaning with a Global Reach 

No two industrial cleaning projects are identical. From silos, bins and bunkers to transportation and storage vessels, each project brings with it a unique set of challenges and levels of difficulty. These challenges are further compounded when a project is halfway around the globe. Climactic, geographic and even cultural differences must be taken into consideration in addition to the inherent variables in every cleanout job. 

Molemaster Trailer PrepFortunately, Mole∙Master™ Services Corporation has a two-pronged approach to conquering silo cleaning problems all over the world: First, a well-traveled team of professionals who have completed silo and bin cleanout projects in 35 countries, and, second, our proprietary cleanout systems containerized to deliver that expertise with unmatched efficiency. 

The Universal Language of Proven Results 

Hundreds of materials are stored in bulk storage facilities around the world, including cement, coal, limestone, gypsum, clinker, and various hygroscopic bulk solids. When a storage facility experiences hardened build-up and difficult blockages, Mole∙Master brings proven solutions to virtually any destination. With more than three decades of experience around the world, on several continents, Mole∙Master™ efficiently navigates the intricacies of travel schedules, time zones, different languages and unique customs. 

Anywhere on earth, Mole∙Master’s expertise and innovation beats any type of silo blockage:

  • Funneling 
  • Ratholing 
  • Doming 
  • Bridging and Arching 
  • Caking 
  • Build-up and Scaling

Have Safety. Will Travel. 

Mole∙Master™ professionals approach each and every silo cleaning project with a stringent code of safety standards. Although rules, regulations and standards vary greatly by country and continent, the Mole∙Master™ team carries with it the highest common denominator for safety. By following a long-established safety mission and set of goals, Mole∙Master ensures that safety knows no geographic boundaries. The Mole∙Master™ in-place safety program includes comprehensive OSHA and MSHA policies covering:

  • Confined Space Entry
  • Lockout-Tagout
  • Hazard Recognition 
  • Right to Know 

The Toolbox that Travels 

Mole∙Master™ ships its containerized silo cleaning equipment all over the world from its Marietta, Ohio, manufacturing complex. From the Arch∙Master™, Junior 360°™, and Safe-T-Shot™ cardox-method blasting system to the industry-leading power and technology of the Big∙Mole™ System, the most powerful silo cleanout tools in the industry reach their destination safely and quickly. They are then placed in the hands of highly trained technicians with more than 300 years of combined experience who deploy a professional project management approach from initial planning to project execution and final demobilization.

Learn how MoleMaster™ Services Corporation can conquer any silo cleaning project virtually anywhere in the world with minimum downtime and a fast return to maximum productivity.