Dividends in Operating Efficiency, Safety and Equipment Longevity

Regularly scheduled condenser cleaning by Mole•Master™ can maximize efficiency, reduce operating costs and prevent minor issues from becoming major problems by removing pollen, mold spores and other bio-contaminants.

Industrial condensers that aren’t cleaned regularly can develop a buildup of dust and contaminants that reduces operating efficiency and cooling capacity. Annual condenser cleaning by Mole•Master™ can provide up to 20% in efficiency gains.

Dangerous bacteria and other contaminants can multiply in condenser systems that aren’t regularly cleaned, potentially posing health risks like asthma, nausea or other sicknesses. A condenser cleaning by Mole•Master™ can help minimize these risks.

Any project that requires confined space entry can be hazardous. The safety-first approach by Mole•Master™ provides effective industrial condenser cleaning that meets or exceeds OSHA standards with extensive confined space entry and lock-out/tag-out training.

Don’t wait for condenser contamination affect your employees and efficiency. Contact Mole•Master™ today to set up a condenser cleaning program.

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