Industrial Pipe Cleaning Service

From small diameter conveying lines and condenser tube bundles to large diameter waste drains and slurry pipelines, Mole•Master’s industrial pipe cleaning service removes build-up and blockages that reduce flow and decrease productivity.

With unique polyurethane pigs and mechanical cleaners, wet or dry pipeline cleaning can often be accomplished without completely disassembling the line being cleaned. With operating pressures up to 15,000 psi, hydro-lancing, rotary tooling and even hand held guns can remove even the toughest scale.

Mole•Master uses three primary methodologies for pipe cleaning depending upon what is needed for a specific project.

  1. Wet Cleaning: Mole•Master uses high-pressure hydro lances to remove buildup in various pipes.
  2. Pipe Pigging: This methodology uses air or water to propel the pipe “pigs” through pipes and ducts ranging from a few inches in diameter to storm drains and other pipes many feet in diameter.
  3. Mechanical: Mole•Master uses a wide variety of tools including air motors and centralizers.
  4. Mechanical tools: Over the years Mole•Master has developed many different air driven rotary tools and centralizers designed to cut through hardened buildup where other methods are not effective.

Contact us today for details about our pipeline cleaning service, and be sure to visit our Silo & Bin Cleaning page to learn about our full turnkey cleanout service for silos, bins, bunkers, and vessels.

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