Mole•Master offers tube/head testing and recertification, not only for Safe-T-Shot products but for any similar products your facility owns and uses.  This testing can be performed at your site with our new portable testing trailer or in our lab at our International Headquarters.

Mole•Master conducts extensive testing as part of the recertification process. All of the following is measured and recorded:

  • Length
  • Weight
  • Volume/Capacity
  • Wall Thickness
  • Diameter
  • Hardness

Thread Wear and strength

Thickness is measured with a krautkramer ultrasound thickness testing system.

Tube strength or hardness is measured using a Brinnel hardness unit and are taken in HRC and HB scales.

For both tests the tubes are tested carefully in three different spots for optimum accuracy, more if the measurements are borderline.

Mole•Master technicians use the following specifications to determine recertification:

If the actual wall is smaller than normal, the tube is rejected. If the actual wall is equal to or .5 greater than normal, the tube is released for one  year. Between .51 and 1.2 > NOM equates to a release of two years, and 1>NOM yields a release of three years.

Thread gauges are used to determine the wear of all threaded areas.

Not until a tube or head passes all of these tests will it receive recertification. Records of each test are kept to compare each time they are re-tested.

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