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Hydraulic Cutting Head
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Powerful, Do-It-Yourself Cleanout Equipment That Eliminates The Need For Hazardous Human Entry

Portable, Flexible and Safe

The Junior 360º™ represents a technological breakthrough in equipment for the Silo Cleaning and Bin Cleaning industry. Lost storage capacity is restored quickly, safely and economically without the risk of product contamination. The fully adjustable boom and crane bearing mount allows the unit to provide 100% (360°) coverage of the vessel’s interior wall(s) from the initial set-up position. The unit’s modular design allows for placement in virtually any vessel regardless of shape or size.

Junior 360º™ silo cleaning equipment includes a hose reel independent from boom assembly for easy set-up, a unique 360º bearing for infinite positioning of the cutting head, positive mounting for safe operation, a sectional boom that reaches up to 28 feet (8.5 meters), and a double-wire braided hose for added strength [available in lengths up to 200 feet (60.96 meters)].

The Junior 360º™ is easy to transport and easy to assemble, making it the perfect equipment choice for Silo Cleaning and Bin Cleaning for do-it-yourself cleanout projects.

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Junior 360°™ Features

  • Hose reel is independent from boom assembly for easy set-up in close quarter
  • Unique 360° bearing allows for infinite positioning of the cutting head
  • Positive mounting to vessel opening for safe operation (custom mounting bases available for adapting to any roof opening)
  • Lightweight, all-aluminum construction eliminates sparking
  • Sectional boom allows up to 28 ft. (8.5 m) reach for the flexibility to adapt to different size vessels
  • Double-wire braid hose for added strength to prevent twisting and collapsing – available in 160′ lengths for JR360H and 200 for JR360P
  • Cutting head features interchangeable blades, flails, or chain cutters engineered to safely remove a wide variety of materials

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