Removing build-ups and keeping material flowing in a typical cement plant’s kiln system—especially while they are online—is a critical need throughout the cement industry. Whether the problem exists in silos, pre-heater towers, conditioning towers, by-pass ducts, coolers, feed pipes, or riser ducts, Safe-T-Shot™ CO2 blasting equipment and services are a proven solution ready to get the job done.

Mole•Master personnel have over three decades of experience in using the cardox method as part of our turnkey industrial services. As a result, no company is more knowledgeable about the benefits of using a safe, build-up removal system like CO2 blasting.

Mole•Master professionals are MSHA part 46&48 trained and are able to respond quickly to emergency situations from multiple locations. Mole•Master has taken our Safe-T-Shot™ services to the next level recently by offering:

  • A combined 350 years of experience in using this type of technology
  • Licensure from the ATF to manufacture, distribute, and use Safe-T-Shot™ technology
  • No supply chain interruptions. Mole•Master manufactures Safe-T-Shot at our Marietta headquarters.
  • A ready and easily accessible inventory of materials.
  • Operating material that carries a USDOT non-hazardous/non-explosive rating.
  • Complete systems, parts, testing (including on-site), recertification, training, and installation are all available.

Safe-T-Shot™ can eliminate as much as three tons of hardened material in a single, electrically charged shot. No confined space entry is required, which means nothing has to be taken off-line during the course of the project. Rings and chokes in rotary kilns can be eliminated safely, quickly, and efficiently.

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