Plant Maintenance Services

Mole•Master provides a diverse range of plant maintenance services that include wipedowns from top to bottom, locker room cleaning, lead-cleaning, and graffiti removal. Mole•Master is well versed in all relevant safety guidelines and will complete all tasks safely, efficiently, and effectively. Mole•Master personnel bring all of their own PPE (personal protection equipment).

Fire Prevention

Fire is devastating no matter where it occurs within a facility. However, when a fire begins in a storage vessel that houses dry bulk material like grain or flour, fire can spread quickly with tragic results.

Mole•Master knows the ins and outs of how to suppress fires once they have started. Mole•Master can purge silos with CO2, Ambient Air Vaporizers, or Chemical Surfactants. Experience dictates which tactic to use given the specific situation. Mole•Master also knows when to keep a silo shut off to avoid an influx of oxygen and when to open up the vessel.

Along with suppressing existing fires, Mole•Master can identify potential hot spots and other troublesome areas as part of our Silo Inspection Services.

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A Complete Suite of Services Designed to Help Solve Your Most Difficult Cleaning Projects

Mole•Master’s™ fleet of hydroblasting equipment covers the full range of pressure and volume requirements to complete even the most difficult cleaning projects.

From hand-held control guns to remotely operated cleaning tools, Mole•Master’s hydroblasting equipment offers a solution for virtually every cleaning problem.

Whether it’s high pressure and low volume to remove paint and scale from tanks and storage vessels or lower pressure and high volume to flush lines and drains, Mole•Master will design a program to meet your needs.

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Other Mole•Master plant maintenance services include:

Industrial Vacuum Service

Pipe Cleaning

Media Blasting

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