Solutions for Blockages in Batch Houses

Glass industry facilities face a couple of unique challenges where storage is involved. First, the batch consists of many different materials that must be mixed together, including sand, cullet, 5mol borax, feldspar, alumina, pyrobor, nitrates, soda ash, limestone, salt cake, pot ash, niter, manganese, iron oxide, and carbon. The second issue is that it can be difficult to tell that a build-up issue is developing. Batch houses are almost always kept as full as possible, so the vessel’s interior walls aren’t visible. Often, the only way the problem becomes evident is after it’s become obvious that there is not as much output or storage capacity in the storage vessels.

While glass facilities tend to have spare bins available so that there is a lower risk of downtime, regular silo inspections can help prevent problems that would cause even small amounts of disruption. Periodic cleaning of batch storage vessels can also help prevent serious issues from occurring.

Cleaning Services for Batch Houses, Silos, Bins, and Bunkers

Mole•Master provides a proprietary clean-out service called Big•Mole. Beyond that, several different cleaning services are available for the glass industry. Mole•Master can use the Junior 360º™ Whip Machine, the Arch•Master™ Portable Auger System, and the Safe-T-Shot™ CO2 Blasting System to clean out hardened material. These services do not require human entry and hence can be completed safely, efficiently, and effectively.

The following services are also available for glass manufacturing facilities:

Vacuum Truck Services: Mole•Master™ can help clean out beltline areas, bucket elevator pits, unloading areas, and mix towers in conjunction with silo cleaning.

Hydroblasting: Mole•Master™ uses this methodology for cleaning out system coolers and to assist with product bin cleaning.

Bag Changeout: Relevant for silo type storage vessels.

“The Checkers”: Flue system from the larger furnaces before the baghouse builds up with glass hairs.

Ice Blasting: Used for cleaning electrical transformers, buss bars, and tank connections for electrodes.

Silo Inspection Services: Mole•Master™ can provide inspection services for everything from silos and bins to distribution rooms and the batch house itself.

Pipe Pigging: Used for cleaning material transfer lines, conveyance systems, blow systems, and turnips.

Storage Vessel Cleaning Equipment

The Junior 360º™ Whip Machine is capable of reaching 100% of a vessel’s interior wall(s) (360º). The Arch•Master™ Portable Auger System is ideal for creating flow channels through arched or bridged material. Both products are available to rent or buy. Mole•Master™ also offers the Safe-T-Shot™ CO2 Blasting Sytem. We can also inspect and recertify your facility’s CO2 blasting system, even if it’s manufactured by someone else.

Backed by years of silo cleaning expertise, Mole•Master™ understands the unique challenges faced by the glass industry.

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