Mole•Master Solves Problems Big and Small

As a worldwide leader in silo cleaning, cleanout and other industrial cleaning, maintenance, and silo inspection services, Mole•Master™ can provide you with a wide range of services required to solve a variety of problems including:

Whatever the job, Mole•Master's™ silo cleaning and inspection technicians will get it done right.

Silo cleaning projects range from a low degree of difficulty to a high degree and everything in between.Every Project is Different

With literally scores of materials from cement to coal to chemicals to grain being stored in bulk storage facilities around the world, no two silo cleaning projects are the same. The same is true for many of the other services which we provide.

One of the most important first steps in problem solving is determining the degree of difficulty. In turn, decisions need to be made which involve safety and risk minimization, best practices, the level of personnel training required, and specialized equipment needed.

When evaluating problems, Mole•Master™ breaks them down to three categories:

  • Low degree of difficulty
  • Medium degree of difficulty
  • High degree of difficulty

The graph to the above right illustrates the different levels of difficulty encountered when, for example, cleaning out or unclogging silos. A typical bell curve illustrates that approximately 60% of the projects fall in to the medium degree of difficulty (MDD) level while the other 40% fall into either the low (LDD) or high degree (HDD) of difficultly.

LDD silo cleaning projects are sometimes handled manually by the plant’s maintenance crew. MDD projects typically require equipment such as the Junior 360°™ or Arch•Master™ which can be provided by Mole•Master as a turnkey service or purchased or rented for a specific project.

HDD projects require the ultimate level of experience and safety that can only be accomplished by highly trained technicians who have completed these types of silo cleaning projects in the past. Mole•Master’s Big•Mole Service™ is the only turnkey service available to handle HDD projects on a reliable and consistent basis.

No matter what your situation is, Mole•Master has a silo cleaning tool for the job. Contact us today to get started.