Mole•Master Expands Silo Inspection Capacity

Ohio-based provider of silo cleaning, inspection and maintenance services adds inspection rigs and equipment to serve growing demand

MARIETTA, Ohio – Silo cleaning industry leader Mole•Master Services Corporation has expanded its silo inspection capacity with the addition of equipment and new inspection rigs for its fleet.

“Many of the silos in use today are more than 60 years old and have never been inspected or adequately maintained,” Mole•Master General Manager David Laing said. “As age-related failures become more likely, proactive silo inspection programs are more important than ever.”

The Ohio-based provider of silo cleaning, maintenance and related services is well-positioned to meet the increased need for inspections. “We’ve specialized in rigorous, proactive silo inspections since our company was founded more than 30 years ago,” Laing said. “Our commitment to silo inspection and safety has definitely stood the test of time.”

Mole•Master’s proven silo inspection process begins with specially trained engineers conducting a visual inspection of the silo’s exterior and roof. Other components of the company’s comprehensive structural silo inspections include:

  • An extensive examination of the interior structure, including beam pockets
  • Sound tests to evaluate whether delamination of concrete has occurred
  • Thickness testing of steel cones and silos
  • Interviews with key facility personnel to determine usage history and intended future use patterns

Laing warned that silo owners and operators need to look beyond the inspection phase and create a long-term plan for the long-term plant viability and safety of their facilities – and employees.

“It’s crucial that the structural engineer’s repair and remediation recommendations are implemented,” he said. “A silo failure doesn’t just curtail operations; it can also result in serious injuries or even death for those unlucky enough to be in the vicinity when an accident occurs.”

Regular preventative maintenance in tandem with proactive inspections can help extend the service life of any silo, Laing said. “To simply inspect or repair isn’t enough. Routine maintenance is the key to keeping silos running safely and efficiently.”

Silo owners can visit to learn more about the company’s extensive services and to schedule their next inspection or maintenance appointment.

About MoleMaster
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