Marietta, Ohio. . .Mole•Master™ Services Corporation, a leader in providing silo cleanout services and products to a broad spectrum of industries, will be hosting a special presentation at IPPE Booth B-7320. Mole•Master™ is donating a Junior 360H to Kansas State University (Manhattan, Kansas) for the university’s unique feed mill training program. Dr. Charles Stark and his students will receive the donated Junior 360º™ at the show.

“We have worked hand in hand as instructors with Kansas State and Dr. Charles Stark’s Feed Management program since we first met them at IPPE in 2013,” said Michael Bailey, National Sales Manager for Mole•Master™. “We have trained many students with hands-on experience using Mole•Master™ equipment. Now, we are proud to donate one of our JR360H whip machines to KSU to further enhance this state-of-the-art training facility.”

The JR360H features a 5″ diameter hydraulic cutting head that is the smallest in the market. This small size enables the cutting head to fit into extremely small flow channels or ratholes without losing any power or cleaning capacity.

To see the presentation live visit the Mole•Master™ booth at IPPE. Learn more about the Junior 360º™ at