Cardox® System CO2 Blasting Tubes: Staying a Few Steps Ahead

Cement plants are challenged with keeping clinker and other material flowing, especially online, in silos, pre-heater towers, conditioning towers and kiln systems, bypass ducts, coolers and feed pipes. You don’t want to wait till there’s a build-up issue somewhere along the line to find out your CO2 tubes are out of commission.

When it comes to an online build-up removal system, no such system compares to Mole•Master Safe-T-Shot™. In terms of safety, efficiency, minimized or altogether eliminated downtime, Safe-T-Shot™ is the proven solution of Cardox® system CO2 blasting, backed by more than thirty years of experience.

When productivity is humming along without incident, most people probably aren’t likely to think about Cardox system CO2 tube recertification. But this is precisely the best time to consider and schedule it.

The Heart of the Matter

At the epicenter of the innovative Cardox system are rechargeable CO2 tubes. Like every cleaning and unclogging component, they have a lifecycle that can vary wildly. What is not a variable is the need for blasting tube testing and recertification on a regular schedule, such as every two years.

The life of a CO2 tube is a harsh one, regularly subjected to intense internal pressure up to 35,000 psi, and heat of up to 1,800 degrees Farenheit or more. The same power that can remove tons of material in a single shot naturally takes its toll on tube components.

CO2 tubes that have surpassed their useful lifecycle can bring productivity to an abrupt halt through unnecessary downtime and, most importantly, can present major safety hazards including injury and death.

The Proven Solution

Fortunately, Mole•Master has a state-of-the-art recertification facility where CO2 tubes are exhaustively examined for hardness, thickness and thread wear and thickness. Following an examination that even includes ultrasound testing, a tube is professionally recertified for a specific period of usage, such as two or three years, or rejected —preventing any future failure or safety hazard.

Mole•Master also offers a mobile testing facility for blasting tube recertification, an industry exclusive that provides testing on virtually any site at any time. Just as there is no substitute for Mole•Master experience, there is no substitute for regularly scheduled blasting tube testing. Acceptable safety guidelines simply cannot be met without it.

Contact us today to learn how convenient, efficient, dependable and undisruptive Cardox system tube recertification can be when you choose Mole•Master Safe-T-Shot™ and the vast experience behind it.