Finding the right provider among the many silo cleaning companies operating in today’s market means finding the silo services provider that has the expertise, the longevity and the technical background to meet your needs.

Mole•Master™ Services Corporation is that provider.

Expertise When & Where it Counts

Backed by more than 30 years of experience as a company and with over 400 years of combined experience, we are uniquely prepared to understand and overcome any silo cleaning challenge, including:

Grain storage silos. Galvanized tanks for grain. Granary with mechanical equipment for receiving, cleaning, drying, grain shipment

  • Funneling
  • Ratholing
  • Plugging
  • Doming
  • Bridging
  • Buildup/scale
  • Some unknown impediment

We’ve provided those services across a wide range of industries in 35 countries and have conducted business in all 50 states for longer than anyone else in the industry, creating a deep, unmatched technical and practical knowledge base that has served us – and our customers – well time and time again.

Aside from our extensive experience in solving the most challenging silo blockage problems around the world, we also have a wide array of specialized, remote-entry equipment, ready to meet any exigency. Our stable of products includes:

Big•Mole™ Silo and Bin Cleaning Service

Our extensive equipment choices combined with our vast experience form the backbone of Mole•Master’s Big•Mole™ Silo and Bin Cleaning Service, a proven system for the safe, efficient cleanout of your bulk storage and process vessels.

The Big•Mole™ system is supported by our broad range of related cleaning services, such as:

Our adherence to the strictest safety procedures is a hallmark of our commitment to safety, which is also evident in our up-to-date knowledge of industrial regulations as well as our compliance with all MSHA and OSHA rules. We even have our training silo and training program for both Mole•Master’s team members and our customers’ personnel.

That dedication to safety and training can be seen in our donation of Junior 360°™ equipment to Kansas State University to help its Feed Management program maintain an up-to-date curriculum for its students.

Proactive, Not Reactive

Mole•Master’s expertise ranges far beyond simply cleaning your silos once ratholing or doming or another challenge has manifested itself. Our established, comprehensive silo preventative maintenance and structural inspection services help you lessen your chances of facing a serious, dangerous blockage from the very start.

It’s easy for silo cleaning companies to say they’ll unblock your silos, but once you look below the surface, you’ll find that only Mole•Master has the overarching commitment, technical background and expertise that provide true value to silo owners and operators.

Contact us today to learn how our commitment can benefit your operation.