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Need a quote for a silo inspection?


Let a Mole•Master™ Silo Inspection Help Make Sure Your New or Existing
Vessel Operates Properly and Limits the Risk of Catastrophic
Failure or Costly Damage

A silo inspection can discover cracks that need attention.

Mole•Master's™ structural engineers offer professional silo inspection services.

Serious problems discovered during a silo inspection should be addressed immediately.

Structural silo inspections will reveal the areas that require attention to ensure your silo operates properly.

Weather exposure, age, stored material type, and site location are just a few of the many factors that can influence the condition and safe function of a storage vessel.

In all cases, it is critically important to regularly schedule a silo inspection to make sure vessels are structurally sound. Should a problem exist, it is always better to identify and remedy the problem as early as possible versus waiting and risking costly repairs and possible interruption of service.

A structural silo inspection from Mole•Master will ensure your storage vessel is in proper operating condition.

We will send a structural engineer to your location to help you:

  • Evaluate a known or suspected structural problem
  • Confirm proper structural condition prior to redesign or retrofit
  • Perform site evaluations and make recommendations for new construction plans
  • Conduct site inspections as part of a facility maintenance program
  • Assess vessel performance as part of a flow study

Mole•Master provides the following silo inspection services:

  • Detailed visual inspection of silo exterior and interior
  • Photography to document observations
  • Sound testing of inner and outer silo face
  • Concrete core testing (if needed)
  • Chloride testing of concrete powder (if needed)
  • Inspection of room beam bearings
  • Flow observations
  • Ultrasonic thickness testing of steel cone
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To schedule a silo inspection, contact Mole•Master today.

Some cracks discovered during a silo inspection can just be watched. Some cannot.   Photos taken during a silo inspection can serve as a record of maintenance services completed.

Trust Mole•Master's™ expert silo inspectors to alert you to any problems with your vessels.

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